Business Southern Highlands is the representative body for business in the Southern Highlands.

Our strength is in our membership. We represent business across all industry sectors, across the region, to all levels of government.


To provide business-focused leadership representing all industry sectors across the Southern Highlands.


  • Listen to our members
  • Promote membership engagement
  • Encourage business innovation and sustainability
  • Promote economic growth
  • Deliver integrity-based decision making, based on fact


To promote sustainable economic growth and community engagement that represents the voice of business in the Southern Highlands


  • Provide a strong and unified voice for business
  • Support the viability of local business
  • Promote the unique and diverse business landscape of the Southern Highlands
  • Provide value adding member services.
  • Promote positive community engagement with business


Better Business

Promote and support the unique and diverse business landscape of the Southern Highlands.

  1. Representation of a number of committees and boards including the Illawarra Regional Advisory Committee, Stakeholders Group
  2. Promote information from Stakeholders such and RDASI, BEC, Destination Southern Highlands, etc.
  3. Promotion of Businesses via Social Media Platforms including Six Degrees Connect
  4. Collection of information useful to businesses in the Southern Highlands and distributing via Social Media platforms and email contacts with members.
  5. Development and dissemination of Media Releases for major business information and initiatives.
  6. Provide value adding members services through:
    • Access to Business NSW’s Business Advice & Legal Services
    • Updating and maintenance of Business Southern Highlands Contacts and Web Pages
    • Staging unique Networking Events open to all Southern Highland businesses
    • Provide responses to members calls for information and assistance
    • Update and improve Business Southern Highlands Social Media delivery


Facilitate partnerships that support business in the Southern Highlands.

  1. Arrange and schedule meetings with Business Illawarra and Business NSW/Australia.
  2. Development of Memorandums of Understanding with Stakeholders such and RDASI, BEC, Destination Southern Highlands, etc.
  3. Work with other agencies such as Business Illawarra via the Regional Advisory Council to develop policies and advocacy for business issues
  4. Promote joint marketing initiatives and promotion events with other stakeholders
  5. Facilitate networking and learning events through:
    • Continuation of Six Degrees networking events
    • Develop and implement an event calendar that captures topical issues.
    • Arrange 4 major learning events annually providing the business community with opportunities to improve on topical business issues.


Provide a strong and unified voice for business in the Southern Highlands:

  1. Provide commentary to all sections of the media on topical issues and events.
  2. Ensuring that policies meet the requirements of all sections of the business community in the Southern Highlands.
  3. Use Business Southern Highlands social media platforms to provide information and comment on issues being faced by the business community.
  4. Build membership across the Highlands and adjacent regions
  5. Advocate to 3 tiers of government the needs of Southern Highlands businesses.

Delivered through:

  • Encouraging members to provide feedback to the chamber to help build policies and provide advocacy.
  • Build a fund to provide the chamber to be able to undertake research on business issues.
  • Arrange and schedule meetings with Local Members State and Federal and Wingecarribee Shire Council management.

why join the chamber?

Together, we can make a difference for the businesses in our area. Whether you are a new or existing business, the Chamber can assist you in expanding your reach and growth.