Start or grow a business in NSW

Use this guide to check the transactions you may need to complete when you open a new business in NSW, grow or expand your business, or have to adapt your business. Visit Service NSW Business Bureau to access resources and support for setting up your business, licences, grants and financial assistance. For personalised support, book a call with a […]

Does your business have meetings in Sydney?

Landing Pad

Southern Highland businesses can access the  Sydney Startup Hub. You can run your meetings here, book a meeting room or a 12 seat conference room – for free. Find out how to book the facilities here #RegionalBusiness #Startups #LandingPad #NSWGovernment #Innovation  

Advanced Manufacturing Connect Program

Advanced Manufacturing

NSW advanced manufacturers are invited to register to participate in the Advanced Manufacturing Connect program. The Connect program aims to strengthen engagement and collaboration across the industry. To be part of the conversation, register your interest here. #manufacturing #smallbusiness #southernhighlands #BusinessSouthernHighlands #DepartmentofIndustry