Agritourism 🌾

The department is making it easier for farmers to use their land for agritourism to complement their existing businesses. Including running activities such as farm experiences, cellar doors, cafes, retreats, roadside stalls, fruit picking and hosting small weddings.

Simplifying the planning rules will help landowners to add value to their existing agricultural operations and encourages the next generation to farm the land. These additional income opportunities will help make farms more resilient to the economic impacts of natural disasters and other unexpected events. The changes support sustainable tourism giving people more reasons to visit regional and rural NSW.

Agritourism Planning Changes

The department is introducing clear planning definitions for agritourism in NSW. Simplifying these planning terms will make it easier for farmers to know how they can use their land for new income streams.

5 Things You Can Do On Your Farm

If you meet requirements under the exempt and complying development planning pathways, here’s five ways you can use your farm for new business ventures.

Agritourism Case Studies

Hear from some NSW farmers about the new activities they’ll setup on their farms to make additional income and add value to their existing agricultural operations.

More information

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