Prepare your business for the 2023-24 bushfire season

Disaster Planning SME's

The Small Business Commissioner’s Get Ready for Disasters guides can help you prepare your business for disasters and get back to business sooner.

Word has it that we will be facing an extreme summer.  Get your business prepared.  Disasters come in many shapes and forms, not just the obvious bushfires or floods. Even if your business has plans to manage the direct impacts to property or assets, there are other ways your business could be impacted, such as extended electrical outages threatening perishable stock or road closures limiting access for customers or key staff.

With the demands of running a business, disaster planning may not always be the top priority. However, the damage from just one event can put you out of business permanently, especially if you are not prepared. Readying your business to survive such a catastrophe, knowing what to do when it happens and how to handle the aftermath are vital tasks for every business owner and operator.

They could be the difference between your business being out of action for a few days or not re-opening at all.

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