Investing in Education Assets to Address Skill Shortages 🧑‍⚕️ – .id Article

.id (Informed Decisions) outlines, in a very comprehensive article, how the health sector is experiencing a shortage of healthcare professionals and how this shortage is expected to get worse. John Kim outlines the data about healthcare professionals and education interest & availability using rural areas of Victoria and NSW as examples. The framework consists of several topics:

How big is the current nurse shortage in Australia?

  • Online job advertisement for Registered Nurses, Australia

What is the current and potential future shortage in Greater Shepparton?

  • Forecast gap in supply and demand for Registered Nurses and Midwives in 2036

Do rural clinical schools improve education and local supply outcomes?

  • Growth in Registered Nurses, 2011-2016
  • Education and residence of qualified 20-29 year olds who lived in Bendigo five years previous

But, what about the economic benefits of a Clinical School?

  • Present value of costs and benefits in the next 30 years

.id’s comprehensive economic evaluation helped provide independent evidence to support the preparation of a business case for Federal Government funding submissions. A few months ago, 
the green light was given!

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The site can be a valuable resource in identifying key trends shaping the Southern Highlands community. With tools such as their grant application guides and economic health checks – you can get involved with community projects that you’re interested in!


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