Small Business Trends for 2022

Successful business group working at the modern office.

Have you got your business plan sorted for the New Year? Although many small businesses in the Southern Highlands are winding down for a break over Christmas, right now is a crucial time to plan where your business will head in 2022. Small-business owners need to stay aware of the changes and movements that are driving business in a post-pandemic world.

1. Influencer Marketing On Social Media

One trend small businesses should know about if they don’t already is the power of influencer marketing. Online platforms and social media channels such as Instagram and TikTok can help small businesses tell their stories to drive awareness and excitement. Influencers both large and small (micro-influencers) strengthen the story by providing relevance and endorsements. 

2. Hybrid Workplaces

It’s no secret that remote work took the world by storm in the last year and a half.

Remote work isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Having a hybrid workplace where employees can choose their optimal work schedule as well as whether to be remote or in-person will be a trend for the future as security and insecurity are balanced with a healthy home and working environment. This can boost productivity too!

3. Networking With Business Owners in Person

Don’t miss the biggest trend of 2022: networking! Instead of growing alone, small-business owners can multiply their efforts exponentially by connecting with other business owners. Networking helps you gain business lead referrals, hear new market perspectives and learn from other’s experiences.

4. Coaching And Mentoring Of Employees

To maintain a happy workforce and improve retention, small businesses will need to find creative, innovative ways to attract and retain talent. There’s a trend to provide employees with coaching or mentoring that is valuable to a person’s development. 

5. Personal Branding

Mastering not only business branding but also personal branding will be key. Sometimes small- and medium-business owners hide behind the business brand and choose not to show who they are or show themselves as being vulnerable and human. The only loyalty you can get as an owner is through the emotional engagement that comes through your authenticity and being genuine, showing the human side behind your business and showcasing you and your employees.

Adapted from Forbes & All Business