4 Ways You Can Prepare Your Business For Success After The Pandemic

The current resurgence in COVID-19 cases around NSW has led to a strict lockdown in Greater Sydney and beyond, greatly reducing the number of tourists and visitors coming to the Highlands. As a result, small businesses may be experiencing a decline in business and revenue over the last month. We understand how greatly this can affect a small business, so we’ve pulled together some tips so you can prepare your business for success after lockdowns and the pandemic.  If you focus solely on the things within your control, you’ll be better equipped to build your business during this difficult time. You may even come out stronger than before. 

1. Apply for loans and grants – Whether you’re running a business with or without staff, start by checking Services Australia’s page covering payments, forms, services and information. Service NSW has a host of information you can tap into to get help with your business.  Refer to the 2021 COVID-19 Support Package – an easy-to-follow breakdown of the support available to businesses including micro-businesses and individuals. 

2. Revamp your marketing strategy – Analyze your current communications to ensure you’re conveying the right message and putting your business in a position to succeed after COVID-19. You may have marketing materials that no longer make sense given the current economic and social climate. 

3. Stay connected with your customers – Take stock of all the channels that you operate, including digital – such as social media, blogs and newsletters – and physical, like a shopfront window, to engage with new and existing customers. Every one of these channels presents an opportunity to stay connected and strengthen your relationship with customers, so use your most relevant platforms. 

4. Stay informed – the economic environment is constantly changing during the pandemic, so the best you can do is stay informed on case locations, restrictions, new rules for business and more. This way you can most effectively plan for what’s to come. 

As always, stay safe. 

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