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GDA Lawyers is committed to providing personalised legal services with a broader perspective and skill-set. We are committed to collaborating with our clients to deliver customised and commercially viable solutions to their issues and concerns. We pride ourselves on our success and our ability to achieve the very best of outcomes for our clients.

Our principal, Ghania Dib is a Lawyer, Notary Public, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) with specialised training in “meeting with children”, Nationally Accredited Mediator and Family Law Arbitrator. A practicing lawyer of more than 20 years, Ghania is collaboratively trained and has her own legal practice, GDA Lawyers in the Southern Highlands. She has completed a Masters of Law (majoring in Family Law and Family Dispute Resolution) and a Graduate Diploma of Islamic Studies. Ghania regularly presents on topics related to family law and has been engaged by various organisations including Interrelate, GSFLPN, New Beginnings and Smokeball in this regard.

In addition to her extensive family law experience, Ghania has a background in commercial and civil law and uses her broad skill set to bring her clients legal solutions that are commercially viable. Having gone through the Family Law system herself, Ghania understands the very deep and personal journey of separation and divorce as well as the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies family law proceedings. She has a very real insight into the impact of Family law proceedings on children and is passionate about providing separating parties with a child inclusive model of mediation.

Ghania’s non-legal trainings in the human behaviour sphere enable her to connect with and understand her clients and peers. Ghania is a certified Life and Performance Coach and NLP Practitioner, an accredited consultant and trainer of Extend DISC, human behaviour specialist and accredited Emotion Code practitioner. She has freelanced as a writer with the SMH, The Age and Parenting Australia, and has been engaged by various bodies including local schools, Life Matters Academy and ISRA to present on human behaviour, well-being and Islamic studies.