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Imagine someone makes a direct approach and expresses interest in buying your business.

For most it comes as a bit of a shock. Our ego has been stroked and a really interesting feeling kicks in. One of holy crap, this could be good!.

We all have a ‘walk away’ price, the price if offered we would be willing to walk away from our business.

Then reality hits with NDA’s, confidentiality agreements, accountants, lawyers, due diligence requests…

Who do you tell, when do you let staff know, what should I disclose.

All of a sudden that feeling we had earlier starts to turn into a heavy weight on the shoulders and a slight sense of overwhelm kicks in.

My job is to reverse up the Due Diligence process and run you through this before anyone shows up with the chequebook!

🌟 ʜᴇʀᴇs ʜᴏᴡ ɪᴛ ᴡᴏʀᴋs. 🌟

Michael Gerber in his book, The E-Myth said, you should build your business like you could have 500 of them, build something that is scaleable and saleable.

I designed a unique framework known as the Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS). I use this framework to help them predictably transform their businesses and make them highly saleable and have taken nearly 700 businesses through the process.


• Your Financial Universe from budgets, cashflows, pricing, margins, benchmarks, management
reporting, structuring.
• Your People and Culture – hiring, reviewing, performance, culture and values, KPI’s, incentives
• Your Marketing – Niche and Ideal clients, USP, lead generation, branding and image, money map,
social media
• Your Sales – conversions, sales pathway, closing, repeat business, choreography of the sale
• Your Systems – flowcharting, operations manuals, video learning, IT systems
• Your Business Model – vision, mission edge, exit planning, valuations, ideal client experience