ZONE Planning Group – Member Spotlight 🔎

“Working extensively throughout QLD and NSW, Zone offers experience, expertise and innovation combined. We exist to get the job done right and achieve the best possible outcome for every client, every time. We’ve been in the industry long enough to know who to talk to and what process to follow to get the job done.
If you need the job done well, get in the zone.”

ZONE Planning Group is an Urban Planning business whose services include:

  • Development applications (preparation & assessment), including all built form land use types & land development (subdivision)
  • Project strategy & advice
  • Due diligence investigations & unauthorised activities
  • Project management & facilitation
  • Strategic planning & policy development
  • Planning law – expert witness evidence and general planning litigation


“Our mission is to solve real-world problems in a real way through a refreshingly down-to-earth approach.”

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