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Based in the beautiful and historic Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Peter Campbell Design (PCD) is a specialist consultancy with particular expertise in strategic branding and communications design for all traditional and online applications. With a strong conceptual design & architectural background and project management expertise, PCD has the right ingredients to bring about the alchemy expected from great design.

For over 25 years PCD (in its various incarnations) has pushed at many creative boundaries, collaborating with experts in the visual and performing arts, exhibition design, architecture, photography, industrial design, textiles, glass, film, music and publishing.

Pragmatic business sense and a balance of strategic thinking from both the left and right sides of the brain allows PCD to bring the big picture into focus and empower businesses to transform themselves in ways they may have never considered possible.

“By nurturing this primary creative relationship, PCD enhances communication whilst building vision and expertise into the client organisation, and providing its brand with a design-driven ‘centre of gravity’.”

About Peter

For the past 30 years, Peter Campbell has been known primarily as a designer. However, long before design became his principal focus, he was known as a singer/songwriter/performer with a number of albums to his name, lots of touring and performing across Australia, and some in the UK, Europe and the US.