DiVino – Member Profile

New member Joanne Heggie is a Co-Founder of DiVino and is at the start of her business journey and would love to connect with other members.

1.     Could you tell us a bit about your business and the products or services you offer? What sets you apart from competitors in the market?

DiVino is your own wine cellar stocked with a personalised selection of wine, at better prices than the bottle shop, at no upfront cost!  There are a few aspects that set us apart from competitors:

Firstly, the wine we select for customers is 100% personalised, we connect with them to understand their wine palate and what wine they are going to love, and also challenge them along the way with trying new grape varietals or wine regions they wouldn’t normally choose for themselves at the local bottle shop.

Secondly, we give customers a free DiVino wine fridge!  The fridge is theirs for as long as they are a member, so customers can keep wine stored at the perfect temperature and have their own cellar at home ready for any occasion.

Thirdly, there is no upfront cost because we want to take the risk of trying DiVino.  Customers don’t pay anything for the first 4 weeks, and with our Love Guarantee we replace any bottle that they don’t enjoy.  We are also currently offering 20% off the first box for new customers!

2.     Can you share a little about your background and experience in your industry?

Gerardo and I (Joanne) are the partners behind DiVino.  Gerardo is Italian with a passion for wine, and his family has been making wine for over 100 years.  He also has a wine distribution business in Italy.  I have 20 years’ experience in marketing, operations and customer service and have worked for multinational companies around the globe.  We have combined our knowledge of both the wine industry and sales, marketing and operations to make DiVino a success.

3.     Are there any specific industries or types of businesses you are interested in connecting with within our network? How do you believe these connections could benefit your business?

Living and working in the Southern Highlands, these connections and relationships are very important to us.  Firstly, we want to work with local wineries and distribute their wine to our new and engaged audience.  Secondly, we want to collaborate with local businesses, whereby both parties can reap the benefits of working together.

4.     What are your goals and aspirations as a member of our chamber of commerce? How do you envision collaborating with other local businesses to achieve these goals?

Our goal is to become a renowned business within the local community.  We want to achieve this by not only selling local wine but also by partnering with local businesses.  For instance, we want to hold wine events whereby we can showcase local produce, so we’d love to collaborate with venues and artisan food producers.  We also will run competitions and offer our customers samples and free gifts, so we can work with Southern Highlands businesses that produce wine complimentary products such as glassware, cheeseboards, bottle stoppers, bottle openers, tableware, and so on

5. What inspired you to join the local chamber of commerce and become part of our business network?

We are new to the Highlands and wanted to meet like-minded locals that want to collaborate and work together to drive business success.  We can’t wait to meet you all!

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