🔎 Member Spotlight – The Academy

The Regional Entrepreneur Academy is Australia’s first business school dedicated to the success of regional business owners and their families. They take businesses on the journey from survival to significance. With our support, you will receive all the knowledge and skills needed to create change in your world.



“This is about you and your business. We are only here because we know your potential. We have been actively involved in regional communities and businesses for many years, and we have experienced your unrivalled spirit time and time again. We have also seen your struggle. We actually know your struggle very well. For so many of you, this struggle has been constant. Despite all your efforts, we have seen how your businesses have failed. We have seen how this has ripped your families apart. As it turns out, you are not alone. 71, 700 small, regional businesses fail every year. These businesses never get the opportunity to flourish. The gifts that these businesses have to offer are never shared with the world. We know this has not been easy for you. We know what it is like to get caught up in the day-to-day running of business. And we know that, in the midst of the struggle, it is easy to forget just how valuable you are.”